An ERP System to Run Your Entire Business

Manage your business, from sales and invoicing, your books, your clientele and workforce to your inventory and operations. With powerful, fully integrated business management modules implemented to meet your business needs anywhere, anytime, seamlessly track in real-time, control and grow your business while our software supplements your work.

Project management

were able to design a comprehensive system for all your needs in terms of managing, following up and monitoring your projects, so that the system allows access to your projects from anywhere and saves your project data with the best encryption and security algorithms. Don’t worry, access to customer information is only a click of a button.

Whatever Your business is,
TAMAKAN will fit it!

Accounting Module

The process of structuring the financial entity of any commercial activity has become easier than ever before. The accounting system is characterized by the ease of managing your financial reports, so that you can follow all invoices and reports on the cloud.


With the ability to raise the efficiency of your employees with daily reports of attendance and leave, the system features a geographical location feature to manage attendance and leave for employees by fingerprinting through smart devices and laptops.